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Camilla Wetzel, MA


Aging Life Care Manager™ Camilla Wetzel has her MA in Rehabilitation Counselling from University of Northern Colorado with an advanced certificate in Gerontology from University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Member of the Aging Life Care® Association, the experts in aging well.

Camilla has first hand experience caring for her 94 year old mother and her 89 year old mother-in-law.

Camilla has been there and knows how to professionally navigate elder care.

One of the main reasons I started this business was to help family members who are overwhelmed when dealing with their aging parents.
My mother moved to Colorado during her later years; yet as she began failing, I was unsure of what to do and needed help and support in finding the best living situation for her.
It was a stressful time for me, as my family wanted me at home and my mother needed an advocate. I wish I had known an Aging Life Care Manager™ to help me deal with all these decisions and emotions.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when caring for a family member or elderly relative, especially when you are employed, have children at home, are the sole caregiver, or a long distance caregiver.

Take heart that caring for your elder gets easier with precise planning and compassionate coordination with The Geriatric Navigator. 

Let her ease your guilt and anxiety and give you comfort in effectively dealing with your aging parents or loved ones.


This is my story….

Moving my mom from her home of 40 years to be close to me in her later years was a daunting task.  She had to leave the familiar; her church, friends, bank, and grocery store. She had mixed emotions leaving her familiar surroundings, yet she was acquiring security of being near me and wanted to be near her family.  She moved to an independent living community near us in Colorado Springs.

Two years later things started to change for Mom.  Dementia became apparent.  She was forgetting her meds, going to lunch, getting out of her pajamas, not wanting to take showers, becoming angry, and accusing me of taking her things.   She started calling me on the phone up to 20 times a day.  She was upset at the service she was getting, wondering where my dad was, if I had seen her mom, or if I had taken her bathing suit!

I was troubled dealing with all the aspects of her living conditions; an irritated mother who forgot she had just called me, children who wanted me at home, and time shortened with my husband.  I needed a care manager.  It would have reduced my stress level and saved money.  All this played on my emotions of being a good financial manager as well as a good daughter who just wanted the best for my demented mother. I did not know where to turn. 

Living my story first hand, I have a passion to help baby boomers navigate through this time with their aging parents and my hope is that you will be less stressed and that the remaining time with your parents can be spent together reminiscing and loving rather than stress-filled or pressured thinking of what needs to be done next.

Let me hear your story and how I can help you!